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prostitution in ancient greece

In ancient Greece, some people would exchange money or gifts for sex. This is called prostitution. Prostitutes were often women who were not married or were poor, and they would sell their bodies to make money.

Some places in ancient Greece had a designated area called a brothel where people could go to find prostitutes. People who visited the brothel would pay money and then have sex with one of the prostitutes.

However, prostitution was not always legal in ancient Greece. In some places, prostitutes were considered immoral and were punished for soliciting sex.

Prostitutes in ancient Greece did not have much control over their own lives. They would often be owned by someone who would control their movements and take their earnings. Prostitutes were also looked down upon by many people and were often treated poorly.

In conclusion, prostitution was a common practice in ancient Greece, but it wasn't always legal or accepted. Prostitutes were often mistreated and exploited by those who controlled them.