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qiqi (tilting vessel)

Imagine you have a bowl filled with water, but the bowl can be tilted so the water inside moves around. A qiqi is a special kind of bowl that can be tilted in different directions so the water inside moves in a special way.

When you tilt the qiqi to one side, the water inside moves to the opposite side. For example, if you tilt the qiqi to the left, the water will move to the right. This happens because of something called gravity. Gravity is what keeps us on the ground and it also affects the water inside the qiqi.

Qiqi bowls were first made in China a long time ago. People use them to pour tea or other liquids without spilling anything. The qiqi is designed in a special way so that it can keep the liquid from spilling even while it's being moved around.

Some people think that the way the water moves inside the qiqi bowl can help with meditation and relaxation. It's kind of like watching a lava lamp - it can be soothing to watch the water move around inside the qiqi.

So basically, a qiqi is a special bowl that can be tilted in different directions to make the water inside move around. It's used for pouring liquids without spilling anything and can be used for relaxation too.
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