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rage farming

Rage farming is like when someone gets really mad on the internet and then other people try to make them even angrier on purpose. It's kind of like poking a bear with a stick just to see it get angry. People who do this are called trolls.

When someone posts something that makes people mad, it might get shared a lot. This means more and more people see it and get mad too. The people who started the post might keep posting more and more angry things just to keep the anger going. They do it because they know people will keep sharing it and getting angry.

Some people might even make fake accounts just to share the post and make it more popular. This is called amplification. The more popular the post gets, the more people will see it and get angry.

But why do people do this? Sometimes they do it just for fun, or to get attention. But other times they might do it to try to influence people to believe something that isn't true, or to make one group of people dislike another group.

No matter why people do it, rage farming isn't a nice thing to do. It can hurt people's feelings and spread hate on the internet. It's important to be kind to others online and not let anger control our actions.