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rankine cycle

The Rankine cycle is like a big circle that helps us turn heat into energy. It’s like you have a big toy train that you want to make run, but you need to put some coal in it first to make it start moving.

The Rankine cycle works the same way. We need to put heat into it so that we can turn it into energy. It has four important parts, like four toys that you need to fit together to make the big toy train. These parts are:

1. Boiler: This is like a big pot that has water in it. We heat this water by using fire or some other source of heat. This is like putting coal in the toy train.

2. Turbine: This is like a toy windmill. When we have hot water from the boiler, we let it flow into the turbine. This makes the turbine spin, just like when you blow on a windmill.

3. Condenser: This is like a toy fan that you use to cool down your face when you’re hot. When the hot water comes out the turbine, we need to turn it back into water again. We do this by using a condenser, which is like a big toy fan that cools things down.

4. Pump: This is like a toy water wheel. When the water has become cool enough, we need to pump it back into the boiler so it can become hot again. We use a pump to do this.

So, the Rankine cycle works like a toy train that needs coal to run. We put heat into the boiler, which turns water into steam. This steam goes into the turbine, which spins to create energy. This steam then comes out the turbine and goes into the condenser, which cools the steam back into water. Finally, we use a pump to pump the water back into the boiler, so we can start the process all over again.
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