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raoul wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg was a very brave man who helped lots of people during a very difficult time. A long time ago, in the country of Hungary, some bad people wanted to hurt a lot of other people because they were Jewish. Raoul was from another country, Sweden, but he felt it was important to help others who were in danger.

Raoul used his special skills and knowledge to make fake passports for lots of Jewish people so they could pretend to be from a different country and escape from the bad guys. He also helped lots of people find safe places to hide so they wouldn't get hurt. Raoul worked very hard to do all of this, even though it was dangerous for him too.

Unfortunately, after a while, Raoul was taken away by some other bad people and nobody ever saw him again. Lots of people tried to find him, but nobody knows for sure what happened to him. Even though Raoul disappeared, he is still remembered as a very important and brave person because of all the amazing things he did to help others.