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real union

Imagine you and your friends all want to play a game together. You all agree that you will follow the same set of rules while playing, so that it's fair and everyone can enjoy it. This is like a union, where a group of workers agree to work together under the same terms and conditions.

A real union is when that group of workers comes together and forms an official organization. Just like how your game has rules, this organization has rules too. Its purpose is to help protect its members, who are workers, from unfair treatment from their employers.

The union negotiates with employers to try and get better wages, benefits, and working conditions for its members. It makes sure that its members are treated fairly and that the employer is following the law. If the employer breaks the rules, the union can help its members take action to make things right.

In summary, a real union is a group of workers who band together to form a formal organization. This organization negotiates with their employers to protect their members from mistreatment and make sure they get fair treatment.
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