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rm (unix)

Imagine your computer is a big toy box with lots of toys in it. Some of these toys you don’t want to play with anymore or they are broken and taking up space in the box.

In the same way, when you use a computer you create and store files that take up space on the computer. Sometimes you want to delete these files because you don’t need them anymore, just like how you might throw away old toys.

That’s where the “rm” command in Unix comes in. It’s like a magic word that tells the computer to delete a particular file. Just like if you said “abracadabra” and a toy disappeared from your toy box, when you type “rm” followed by the name of a file, that file will be deleted from your computer.

But be careful! Just like you wouldn’t want to accidently throw away your favorite toy, you don’t want to accidently delete an important file on your computer. Always double check before using the “rm” command to make sure you are deleting the right file.
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