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royal mews

The Royal Mews is a special place for the royal family to keep their horses and carriages. Have you ever seen a big fancy horse-drawn carriage driving down the road? Well, the royal family has lots of them!

But it’s not just about the horses and carriages, it’s also a place where the royal family stores lots of important items like saddlecloths, harnesses, and other things that they need for special events like weddings or ceremonies.

You might be wondering why the royal family even has horses and carriages when they could just take a fancy car everywhere they go. The truth is that using horses and carriages is a special tradition that has been around for a long, long time. It makes them stand out and feel extra special, and it’s a part of their history and culture.

The Royal Mews is like a big barn for the horses and carriages, and it’s run by special caretakers who take very good care of the animals and keep the carriages in tip-top shape. It’s an important part of the royal family’s history and helps them keep their traditions alive.