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saint monday

Okay kiddo, have you ever heard of Saint Monday? No? Well, it’s a thing that people used to do a long time ago. You see, in olden times, people used to work really hard and not have many days off. But they still needed a break to rest and play. So, they came up with an idea to take a day off on Mondays.

But why is it called "Saint Monday"? Well, that's because Monday is the day when people go back to work after spending time with family and friends on Sundays. And since people wanted to have that extra day off, they would pretend that they were sick on Monday so they wouldn't have to go to work.

But why call it "Saint Monday"? It's called "Saint Monday" because it was like a little secret between workers. They would say they were sick, but really they were taking the day off to have fun and rest. It's kind of like a secret holiday that only certain people knew about.

Nowadays, Saint Monday isn't really a thing anymore. Most people have two days off on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so they don't need to take a day off on Monday. But back then, it was a way for people to get some extra rest and relaxation.

I hope that helps you understand what Saint Monday is all about, kiddo!