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sasang typology

Okay kiddo, so have you ever heard of different types of people? You know how some people might be really outgoing and love being around others, while other people might be more quiet and like to spend time alone? Well, there is a theory called sasang typology that tries to explain why people are different!

Sasang typology is a way to understand people based on four different principles: wood, fire, earth, and water. Each of these principles represents different qualities or characteristics that people might have. Here's a quick rundown of what each principle means:

- Wood: This represents people who are leaders, who are determined and confident. These people might be strong-willed and competitive.

- Fire: This represents people who are passionate and energetic. They might be artistic or creative, and they might be really enthusiastic about things.

- Earth: This represents people who are practical and realistic. They might be really down-to-earth and reliable, and they might be good at planning and organizing.

- Water: This represents people who are intuitive and sensitive. They might be really empathetic and in-tune with their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Now, it's not like every person is entirely one principle or another. Most people have a little bit of all four principles within them! But sasang typology helps us understand which principles might be more dominant in certain people. It can help us figure out why we might get along really well with some people, but not as well with others.

So, that's sasang typology in a nutshell! It's a fancy way to explain why people are different, based on four different principles.