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shredding (tree pruning technique)

Okay kiddo, have you ever seen a grown-up use a big pair of scissors to cut the branches off a tree? Well, that's one way to prune a tree, but there's another way called shredding. It's like when you use a shredder to turn paper into little pieces - but instead of paper, we're shredding the branches from the tree.

Here's how it works: first, we use a special machine called a shredder. It has a sharp blade inside that spins around really fast, like a big blender. When we feed branches into the shredder, the blades chop them up into tiny little pieces.

Why do we do this, you ask? Well, shredding has a few benefits. For one, it helps break down the branches into smaller pieces that are easier to handle and dispose of. Instead of having to haul big, bulky branches away, we can collect the shredded pieces in a bag or bin.

But that's not all - shredding can actually be good for the tree itself! You see, when we prune a tree, we're essentially cutting off some of its branches to help it grow better. But if we just leave those branches lying around, they can start to rot and attract bugs and diseases that can harm the tree.

Shredding the branches, on the other hand, creates smaller pieces that break down faster and don't create as much of a hazard for the tree. Plus, when those shredded pieces break down, they can actually be good for the soil and help nourish the tree's roots.

So now you know all about shredding, and why it's a helpful way to prune a tree! Just remember - always leave tree-pruning to the grown-ups.
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