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sir harry parkes

Sir Harry Parkes was a very important person a long time ago in a place called Japan. He was a man from England who went to Japan to work for the government. Do you know what the government is? It's a group of people who make important decisions about a country.

Sir Harry Parkes was very smart and learned a lot about Japan and its people. He was very good at his job and helped make important decisions for the British government in Japan. He even became the British ambassador to Japan, which is kinda like being the boss for all the British people in Japan.

One time, there was a big problem between Japan and Britain. It was called the "Namamugi Incident" (which is a funny-sounding name!). Some Japanese people attacked and killed a British man who was walking on a road near a place called Namamugi. This made Britain very angry, and they wanted to punish Japan for it.

But Sir Harry Parkes was a smart man. He knew that punishing Japan wouldn't really solve anything. He talked to the Japanese leaders and helped them understand how important it was to have good relationships between countries. Eventually, they worked things out and made peace.

Sir Harry Parkes did many other important things in Japan, like helping build better schools and hospitals, and making sure that British people were treated fairly. He was a very brave and kind man who helped make the world a better place.