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slow cutting

Slow cutting is when someone edits a video or movie to make a scene last longer than it originally did. This is usually done to create a certain feeling or make the audience pay more attention to what's happening in the scene.

Imagine you are drawing a picture and you want to make one part of it look really special. You might spend a lot of time coloring that part and making it stand out from the rest of the drawing. This is kind of like what slow cutting is. It's when the person who made the video decides to spend more time showing us a certain part of the scene, so we can really see it and understand what's happening.

For example, if there's a scary part in a movie and the character walks down a dark hallway, slow cutting might be used to make the scene feel even scarier. Instead of just showing the character walking down the hallway quickly, slow cutting would make the scene last longer, so we have more time to feel the suspense and fear. This can make the moment feel more intense or scary, because we are waiting for something to happen, and we can see everything happening in more detail.

Overall, slow cutting is a type of editing technique that can be used to make a scene feel more intense or emotional, by making it last longer and giving the audience time to really absorb and understand what is happening in the scene.