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spiegelman's monster

Okay kiddo, let me tell you about Spiegelman's Monster. Do you know what a comic book is? It's like a very long picture book that tells a story. Now, in the 1980s, a guy named Art Spiegelman wrote a comic book called "Maus" that was about his dad and his family's experiences in the Holocaust, which was a very bad time in history when a lot of people were hurt because of their religion.

But the book doesn't just show people as humans, it shows them as animals, like mice and cats. These animals helped him show how people were treated differently based on what group they were a part of. This book was called a graphic novel, which means it's like a comic book but for adults because it talks about some serious topics.

Later on, Spiegelman created another book called "In the Shadow of No Towers" which was also a graphic novel. In this book, he talks about his experience living in New York during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

So, Spiegelman's Monster is a book that talks about the history of comics and graphic novels and how they can be used to tell important stories about history and people. It's like a book about a book! Does that make sense, kiddo?
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