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stage theory

Have you ever climbed a ladder? Just like how you climb a ladder one step at a time, development works the same way. Stage theory is like climbing up those different steps of the ladder of development.

When you are born, you are at the first step, just like when you start at the bottom of the ladder. You then keep growing and learning new things and move up the ladder to the next step. Each step represents a new stage.

These stages can be different for everyone, but there are some common ones that people go through. For example, first, you start crawling, then walking, then running. These are different stages in your physical development.

Similarly, you start learning to speak words, then sentences, then are able to hold longer conversations. These are different stages in your communication development.

There are different stages for different things, like emotions or social skills. But each stage builds upon the previous one, just like when you climb up the ladder, you need to step on the lower steps to reach the higher ones.

Stage theory helps us to understand how people change as they grow up and what kind of problems they might face in each stage. It also helps us to figure out how we can help people move up the development ladder with ease.