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star polygon

A star polygon is a special shape that is made up of straight lines and forms a pattern that looks like a star. When you draw a star polygon, you start by drawing a regular polygon, which is a shape with equal sides and angles. Then, you connect every other corner of the polygon to form a new shape. This new shape will have points that stick out like a star.

For example, if you draw a six-sided polygon (hexagon) and connect every other corner, you will end up with a six-pointed star polygon. The points of the star polygon will be formed by the new lines you drew when connecting the corners.

Star polygons can have different numbers of points depending on the number of sides the regular polygon has. For example, a pentagon (5 sides) will make a 5-pointed star polygon, while an octagon (8 sides) will make an 8-pointed star polygon.

Many people use star polygons for decorative purposes, such as in art or design. Sometimes, the sides of a star polygon can be different lengths or have different angles, which creates even more interesting patterns!