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state hydrography service of georgia

The State Hydrography Service of Georgia is like a special group of grown-ups who are in charge of keeping track of all the water in Georgia. Just like how we keep track of the toys in our room or the snacks in the pantry, these grown-ups keep track of all the rivers, lakes, and streams in Georgia.

They use special measuring tools and equipment to check how much water is in each body of water, and they make special maps that show where all the water is located. They even help predict when there might be too much water in one place (which can cause flooding) or not enough water in another place (which can cause problems for plants and animals).

The State Hydrography Service of Georgia is important because they help us understand and take care of the water we have in our state. Without water, our plants and animals wouldn't survive, and we couldn't do things like swim, fish or enjoy beautiful waterfalls.