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stuckism photography

Stuckism photography is a style of photography that wants to bring back the good old days of painting. People say that painting is more interesting and artful than modern photography.

So, some photographers thought that photography should return to the old ways of using analogue cameras and not just computer editing. They believe that photographers should use more artistic methods and experiment with the camera, lighting, and subject to create original photos that stand out.

For example, photographers might use old-fashioned film cameras and chemical processing to create unique prints. They might also use techniques like double exposure or choose to shoot in black and white to create a more powerful image.

Stuckism photography is all about creativity and making pictures that are interesting and meaningful. It’s kind of like using the camera to paint a picture instead of just taking a snapshot of something.

So, basically, stuckism photography is a group of photographers who want to bring back the traditional methods of photography and create artful pictures that tell a story.