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A sunroom is a special room in a house, usually made of glass or other clear materials, that lets lots of sunshine in. It's a bit like being outside, but you're still inside the house!

Sometimes a sunroom is also called a conservatory or a solarium. It's usually attached to the main part of the house, but it has its own walls and roof made of glass or clear plastic. This special design lets the sunshine in, but keeps the rain and wind out.

People like sunrooms because they can enjoy the benefits of being outside, like feeling the warm sunshine, smelling the flowers or feeling the breeze, while still being protected from bad weather or bugs. In a sunroom, you can relax and read a book, play games with friends, or even grow plants all year round.

Overall, a sunroom is a cozy and bright place to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying comfortable inside your own home.
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