ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Super-imperialism is a big word that means a really powerful country that has a lot of control over other countries. You know how sometimes when you play with your friends, one person gets to decide what game you play or how you play it? It's kind of like that but on a much bigger scale.

Imagine that there's a really big kid named America who can push around smaller kids like Canada or Mexico because they are weaker. America also has a lot of money and can buy things from other kids. But sometimes, there are other really big kids like China or Europe who want to play too.

Super-imperialism happens when a really powerful country like America not only controls other countries but also makes them work for them. This can happen in different ways, like forcing other countries to buy things from them or making them do things that benefit America.

So super-imperialism means that one country has a lot of control over other countries, and those other countries often have to do what the bigger country wants.