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terminal tractor

Have you ever seen those big trucks that carry containers from one place to another? They're really huge and can carry a lot of stuff. But sometimes, when the container gets to its destination, it needs to be moved around a little bit more. That's where the terminal tractor comes in!

The terminal tractor is a small truck that hooks onto the container and moves it around the yard where it needs to go. It's kinda like a mini-truck that's really good at only moving things around.

The terminal tractor has a little cab where the driver sits, and it has special connectors on the front and back that attach to the container. Once the tractor is hooked on, the driver can steer the container through tight spaces and around obstacles like other trucks or buildings.

The terminal tractor is a really important tool at shipping yards and ports because it helps move containers quickly and efficiently. It might not look like much, but it's a super helpful tool!
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