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texas ranger division

The Texas Ranger Division is a group of super cool lawmen (and women!) who work to keep the people of Texas safe. They wear cool hats and boots, just like cowboys, but they are not just ordinary cowboys. They work to solve crimes, catch bad guys, and protect Texans.

The Texas Ranger Division was created way back in 1823. That’s even before your great-great-great grandfather was born! In those days, Texas was still part of Mexico. The Texas Ranger Division was started to help keep the peace in a land that was often dangerous and wild.

The Rangers have a really important job. They have to be ready to go anywhere, anytime to help people who need them. They work in cities, towns, and the countryside. Even when it’s dark and scary, they’re brave enough to go where other people would be afraid to go.

The Texas Ranger Division is made up of men and women with different skills, just like a sports team. Some are really good at talking to people and solving problems. Others are really good at tracking down bad guys. The Rangers must train and work really hard to become good at their jobs.

The Texas Ranger Division is the oldest law enforcement agency in the United States, and they’ve been around for almost 200 years! They are known for their bravery, dedication, and hard work. Being a Texas Ranger is one of the most special jobs in the world!