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the word for world is forest

Okay kiddo, so you know the word "world", right? It means everywhere around us - the land, sea, sky, and everything in between. But did you know that in some languages, people use a different word to mean the same thing?

One of those languages is called Tamil, which is spoken in a country called India. In Tamil, people say "kurinji" to mean the world. But there's another word that's used too - "kaadu". Now, "kaadu" might sound like a strange word to us, but in Tamil it means "forest".

So when Tamil people say "kaadu" instead of "world", it's because to them, the forest includes everything in the world. Trees, plants, animals, birds, insects, and even us humans - we're all a part of the forest.

Isn't that interesting? It just goes to show how different languages and cultures can have their own unique ways of looking at the world around us.