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tripitaka koreana

Tripitaka Koreana is a very old book from Korea that has a lot of Buddhist teachings inside of it. Imagine it as a really big and important book that people read to learn about Buddhism. This book took a very long time to make, and thousands of people were involved in making it.

To make this book, they used really old and special paper that could last a very long time. They also used special tools to carve the characters (letters) into the paper. This was done by hand, which means it took a really long time to finish.

After the book was made, people wanted to make sure it was safe from things like water, fire, and insects. So they put the book inside of special storage buildings. These buildings were made to keep the book safe and well-preserved.

The Tripitaka Koreana is very important to many people who practice Buddhism because it has a lot of teachings in it that are very valuable. People can read this book and learn about mindfulness, compassion, and other important qualities. It is also important to preserve this book because it is a piece of history and culture that should be cherished and protected for generations to come.