ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

united states supreme court

Okay kiddo, the United States Supreme Court is a really important group of people that decide on the most important legal questions in our country. They are like the big bosses of the law.

Imagine you and your friends are having an argument and you can't decide what's right or wrong. You might ask your teacher for help. Well, the Supreme Court is a group of judges who do that for the whole country. They are the highest court in the United States, which means that when there is a really big legal question that nobody can agree on, the Supreme Court makes the final decision.

There are 9 judges on the Supreme Court, and they are called justices. They wear black robes and wigs, just like in old movies. Each justice is chosen by the President of the United States and approved by the Senate, which is a group of politicians.

People go to the Supreme Court when they disagree with lower courts' decisions, or their constitutional rights have been violated, or they have cases that affect the whole nation. When a case goes to the Supreme Court, the justices listen to all sides, study the facts, and then make a decision. You can think of it like they are playing referee in a really big game.

Their decision is final, and everyone in the country has to follow it, even the President! That's why the Supreme Court is so important - they have the power to make sure everyone follows the same rules and protects our rights.