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vehicular cycling

Okay kiddo, let me explain vehicular cycling like you're 5!

Vehicular cycling is when people ride a bike on the road just like they would drive a car. That means they follow all the same traffic laws, like stopping at stop signs and red lights, riding in a straight line, and using hand signals to show where they're going.

When people ride bikes this way, they're kind of pretending that their bike is a car. They take up a whole lane, just like a car, so people who are driving behind them have to wait until it's safe to pass them. This can be annoying to some drivers, but it's actually a very safe way to ride a bike, because it helps people on bikes be more visible and predictable to other people on the road.

Some people really like vehicular cycling because they feel like it gives them more control and safety on the road. Other people prefer to ride on bike paths or in bike lanes, which are separate from the main road. But no matter how you ride your bike, it's important to be safe and follow the rules of the road at all times.
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