ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


A zoo is a special place where you can go and see lots of different animals from all over the world! It's kind of like a big neighborhood for all these animals to live in together.

Some zoos are really big, and have lots of wild animals living in their own homes with food, water, and toys. Some zoos have monkeys who swing in trees or lions who roar to show off their strong voices. Some zoos even have aquariums where you can see cool fish and sea creatures who need water to swim around in.

When you go to a zoo, you get to walk around and see all the animals. There are often special shows and activities to see, too, where you can learn about what the animals eat, where they live, and how they act in the wild. You can usually even take pictures with some of the nicer animals, like a parrot or a monkey, if they're safe to be around.

Zoos are really fun places to visit, and they're important because we get to see animals we might never get to see in our normal neighborhoods. They also teach us how to respect and take care of these creatures, so we can help protect them in the wild.