ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Alright kiddo, do you know what a phone is? Of course you do! And you probably know that you need to have a special way to talk to your friends on the phone, right? That special way is called a network.

Now, 3GPP2 is a fancy name for a type of network that helps your phone talk to other phones, computers and the internet. It makes sure that your phone calls, text messages, pictures and videos get sent and received properly.

Think of it like a big playground, with each phone being a kid. The 3GPP2 network is like a supervisor or teacher, making sure everyone plays nicely and nothing gets lost. You see all those different types of phones out there? Some have buttons, some are touch screens, some fold up and some even flip open like a book! Well, no matter what type of phone someone has, the 3GPP2 network can help them all talk to each other.

It's a little bit like magic, but instead of a wizard, it's made by big teams of really smart people who build and maintain the network to help make sure we can talk to each other anytime and anywhere!