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Bolas are a weapon or a tool that are made of three balls that are connected by a string. It's like a toy you might have played with where there are three balls attached to a string and you spin it around and around. But, bolas are not a toy!

People use bolas to hunt animals or herd cattle. When someone wants to use bolas, they hold one end of the string and start to swing the balls around in a circle, like you would spin a jump rope. Then, they aim the balls at their target and let go of the string. The balls spin through the air and wrap around the legs or feet of the animal they're targeting. Once the balls are wrapped around, the person can pull the string back and catch the animal or stop it from running away.

Bolas have been used for thousands of years by people in different parts of the world, like the Americas and South Africa. Some people still use them today for hunting or herding, but most people just think they're cool to look at!