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Grammar framework

Okay, so imagine you are building a big tower with a lot of blocks. You want the tower to be strong and stand tall! Now, think of sentences as towers made up of words, and the grammar framework as the structure that holds the words together to make your sentence tower strong and meaningful.

Just like you need certain blocks to build a tower, there are certain rules and structures that you need to follow to build a good sentence. These rules and structures are called the grammar framework.

The grammar framework is made up of all the different parts of speech such as nouns (people, places, things), verbs (action words), adjectives (descriptive words), adverbs (words that describe how something was done) and many more.

Think of the different parts of speech as different types of blocks that you use to build your sentence tower. You need to place them in the correct order and connect them properly using connectors such as conjunctions (and, or, but) to make your sentence tower strong and meaningful.

Just like a tower needs a good foundation, your sentence also needs a good subject and predicate. A subject is the person or thing that the sentence is about, and the predicate is the action that the subject is doing. These two parts are crucial to building a strong sentence tower.

So, the grammar framework is like the blueprint that you follow to build a strong tower made up of words. Following the rules and structures of grammar helps you to construct clear, concise, and effective sentences that make sense to others who are reading or listening to you.