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Names of the days of the week

Alright kiddo, you know how we have seven days in a week, right? Well, each of those days has a different name.

Let's start with Sunday. You know how the sun is really bright and yellow and it makes you feel happy? That's why we call the first day of the week Sunday, because it's like the sun shining on a brand new week.

Next comes Monday. You know who the Moon is, right? That big, glowing circle you see in the night sky sometimes? Well, Monday is named after the Moon because it's the first day of the week when you can see the Moon in the sky.

Tuesday is named after a god with a really cool name. His name is Tiw, and he's the god of war and justice. So we call the third day of the week Tuesday to honor him.

Wednesday is named after another god named Odin. He was the god of wisdom and magic, and we call the fourth day of the week Wednesday to pay tribute to him.

Thursday is named after a really important god named Thor. He was the god of thunder and strength, and we name the fifth day of the week after him.

Friday is named after a goddess named Freya. She was the goddess of love and beauty, and we call the sixth day of the week Friday to remember her.

Finally, we have Saturday. This day is named after a planet called Saturn. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, and we call the seventh day of the week after it because it's a really important planet in our sky.

So there you have it! The names of the days of the week all have cool stories behind them, and they help us keep track of time and plan our schedules.
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