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Reference scenarios

Okay kiddo, imagine you are playing pretend with your friends and you all agree on a set of rules and goals for your game. These agreed-upon rules and goals are like a reference scenario.

When people talk about reference scenarios in the grown-up world, it means they are imagining a certain situation or environment and setting rules and goals for how things should work in that scenario. This helps people understand different possible outcomes and make decisions based on what they think will happen in that scenario.

For example, imagine a group of scientists want to study how different types of plants react to different levels of sunlight. They might create a reference scenario by setting up a bunch of potted plants in a controlled environment with specific amounts of light, water, and fertilizer. Then they can observe how the plants grow over time and draw conclusions about how sunlight affects plant growth.

Reference scenarios can be useful in many different fields like science, economics, and engineering because they help people make predictions and plan for different outcomes. It's kind of like playing pretend but with grown-up goals and rules.
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