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Hi there! So you know how sometimes when you go to the beach, you see these big walls made of rocks or concrete that are next to the water? Those walls are called revetments!

Their job is to protect the land behind them from getting washed away by strong waves or currents. You know how when you play in the water at the beach, the waves can knock you down? Well, those waves are even stronger when they hit the shore, and they can wash away sand and dirt from the shore, making the land weaker and weaker.

That's where the revetments come in. They're like a big, strong shield that stands in front of the land and takes the hit instead. The rocks or concrete used to build them are really heavy and strong, and they're arranged in a way that makes it really hard for the waves to get through.

So when the waves hit the revetments, they bounce back and lose some of their power, so they can't carry as much sand or dirt away. That way, the land behind the revetments stays nice and strong, and people can keep visiting the beach or even living there safely.
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