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Tea classics

Tea classics are books that teach us about tea. Remember storybooks we read with pictures that teach us about different things? Well, tea classics are like storybooks, but they're about tea. They have stories and pictures too, but they also teach us how to prepare tea and how to taste it. These books were written a long time ago when people first discovered the joy of drinking tea.

Some of these books talk about how different teas are made and where they come from. Others explain the different ways of brewing tea and how it affects the taste. There are even some books that teach us about how tea affects our health and wellbeing.

Just like how we have different types of storybooks, there are many different tea classics. Some of the famous ones include The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu and The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. These books are important because they teach us about the history and culture of tea, and help us appreciate the different flavors and aromas of tea.

So next time you have a cup of tea, you can enjoy it even more knowing that there is a whole world of knowledge and stories behind it, just like in your favorite storybooks!
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