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Terry stop

Imagine you are playing hide and seek with your friends at the playground. If you see one of your friends hiding behind a tree and you want to know what they are doing, you might stop and ask them a quick question, like "What are you doing behind the tree?"

The same idea applies to a terry stop, which is a legal term used by police officers. It means that if a police officer sees someone acting suspiciously or breaking the law, they can briefly stop them and ask them some questions.

For example, if a police officer sees someone walking late at night in a neighborhood known for crime, they might stop them and ask where they live, what they are doing, and if they have any identification.

But unlike hide and seek, a terry stop has rules. The police officer has to have a good reason for stopping the person. It could be because they match the description of a suspect or they are acting suspiciously. Also, the terry stop can't last too long or become too invasive.

So, a terry stop is a way for police officers to quickly stop and question someone who they think might be involved in a crime, but they have to follow certain rules to make sure they are not violating the person's rights.