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The 11-day weekend

The 11-day weekend is like a super long holiday where you get 11 days off in a row to do lots of fun things with your family and friends.

Normally, we work for 5-6 days a week and get 2 days off (which is called a weekend). But sometimes, there are holidays that fall on weekdays, like Christmas or New Year's Day. When this happens, some people take a few extra days off from work or school to make the holiday even longer.

The 11-day weekend is when one of these holidays (like Christmas or New Year's Day) happens to fall on a Thursday or a Tuesday. This means that if you take the Friday or Monday off from work or school, you can get 4 days off in a row! Then, if you add the weekend before or after the holiday, you can get a total of 11 continuous days off, which is a really long break from work or school.

During this time, you can do lots of fun things like travel to new places, visit family and friends, or just relax at home and play games or watch movies. It's like having a mini-vacation without having to use up all your vacation time!