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black ice

Black ice is a very sneaky and dangerous road condition that forms when the temperatures outside are very cold, usually below freezing. It may look like the road is just wet, but it's actually a thin layer of ice that's hard to see because it's so clear, like a piece of glass. That's why people call it "black" ice - because it blends in with the dark pavement.

It's especially tricky because it's invisible, and you can't tell that it's there until you're already driving on it. When you're driving on regular roads in normal conditions, your tires can grip the pavement and help you steer and stop. But when there's black ice, your tires can't get a good grip, and your car can slide, spin out, or crash.

That's why it's really important to be extra careful when it's cold outside and the roads might be icy. Slow down, drive cautiously, and give yourself more space between other cars. And remember: just because you can't see the black ice doesn't mean it's not there, and it can be very dangerous!
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