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chahar people's anti-japanese army

So, a long time ago there were some people called the Chahar people. They lived in a place called Inner Mongolia which is in China. The Chahar people didn't like the Japanese army because they were doing bad things like hurting people and taking over land that didn't belong to them.

So the Chahar people decided to make their own army to fight against the Japanese army. This army was called the Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army. They wanted to protect their land and the people who lived there.

The Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army did some brave things, like attacking the Japanese army to stop them from doing bad things. They fought hard and some of them even died in the battle.

Finally, after a lot of fighting, the Japanese army had to leave the Chahar people's land. The Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army was very proud of what they had done to protect their land and their people.