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community college survey of student engagement

So, you know how when you go to school, your teachers and grown-ups sometimes ask you questions about how you feel about your classes and what things you like or don't like about your school work?

Well, the community college survey of student engagement is kind of like that, but for people who go to community college. The grown-ups who work at the college want to know how the students who go there feel about their classes and their experiences at the college.

The survey asks questions about things like whether or not the students have good relationships with their teachers, if they feel like they're learning important things in their classes, and if they feel like the college is a welcoming and supportive place for them to be.

The college uses the information they get from the survey to figure out what things they're doing well and what things they need to work on to make sure their students have the best experience possible. It helps them make changes and improvements to make the college even better for the students who go there.