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Alright little one, do you know what music is? It's when people use different sounds and instruments to make a beautiful noise that we can enjoy listening to. Now, there is an instrument called dombra that people use to make music in some parts of the world.

Dombra looks like a long guitar without the curved shape. It's made of wood and has two strings that you pluck with your fingers to make a sound like twang. The sound from the dombra is very high and can be heard clearly even from far away.

People in Kazakhstan, a country far away from here, love playing dombra. They think it's an important part of their culture and have been playing it for hundreds of years. Sometimes, they even use dombra to sing songs about their history, nature, and love.

Playing dombra might be hard because you need to hold it correctly and use your fingers to produce the right sound. But if you keep practicing, you might become a great musician just like the people in Kazakhstan who play dombra.
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