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double jeopardy (marketing)

Imagine you went to a candy store and bought a pack of gummy bears. The shopkeeper gave you the candy and you left happy. Now imagine the shopkeeper, being greedy, stopping you on your way out asking you to pay again for the same pack of gummy bears you just bought. That wouldn't be fair, right? You already bought the gummy bears and the shopkeeper can't force you to pay for the same thing again. This is what we call "double jeopardy".

In marketing, double jeopardy means that a customer who has already bought a product is more likely to buy it again than to switch to another brand. Just like the gummy bears example, it's more fair for a customer to stay loyal to a brand they already know and trust instead of being coerced into buying the same thing again.

So, companies work hard to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their products so they are more likely to come back and purchase again.

In summary, double jeopardy in marketing means that customers are more likely to buy the same product again than to switch to a new brand, and companies try to keep customers happy and loyal to avoid losing them to competitors.