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drinking game

A drinking game is like a special way of playing a game with your friends, where you have to do something every time someone loses or wins. The thing you have to do is drink some alcohol - like a small cup of beer or a sip of wine.

The game can have many different rules, but the idea is that you have fun with your friends while playing and drinking.

For example, in a game called "Kings," you have to draw cards from a deck and each card has a different rule. If you draw a card that says "2," everyone has to put up two fingers, and the person who drew the card starts counting from one. Everyone else takes turns counting too, but when someone gets to a number that ends in 2 (like 12 or 32) they have to say "buzz" instead of the number. If they mess up, they have to drink.

Another example is "Never Have I Ever," where you take turns saying something you have never done before. If someone else has done it, they have to take a drink.

Drinking games are usually played by adults over the age of 21, and it's important to be responsible and safe while playing. It's also important to know your limits and not overdo it with the alcohol.
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