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embedded emissions

Okay, so you know how cars use fuel to make them go, right? And when they use fuel, they make smelly stuff come out of the back of the car called exhaust.

Well, everything we make, even things that don't have engines or run on fuel, have something called "embedded emissions." This means, that when we make things, like toys, clothes or even buildings, we create greenhouse gases, which is a smelly gas that comes from factories and machines.

So, let's say you have a teddy bear that you love to play with. Before that teddy bear got to you, it was made in a factory that used machines to make it. Those machines create greenhouse gas emissions too, and that's where the "embedded emissions" come from.

So, even though the teddy bear doesn't use fuel like a car, it still has a "carbon footprint" because of the greenhouse gases created during its production. This means it's not just cars that create greenhouse gases, but also everyday things that we use and enjoy.

So, it's important to think about the things we buy and use, and how they contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions we create. Maybe we can find ways to make things in a better way that doesn't create as much greenhouse gas, or maybe we can reuse things instead of always buying new ones. And that, my friend, is a good way to reduce our carbon footprint and help protect our planet.