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imperial rescript on education

Okay, kiddo, listen up! The Imperial Rescript on Education is like a really important letter that someone really important wrote a long time ago in Japan. The letter talks about how kids should learn to be good people and how they should behave to make their country better.

The letter was written by some very big people in Japan about 130 years ago, like a really long time! They wanted to make sure that kids in Japan learned certain things like being honest, respectful, and loyal. They also wanted to make sure that kids would help make their country better by working hard and being good citizens.

The Imperial Rescript on Education was so important that it was read out loud to all the school kids in Japan every year. That's how much people thought it was important!

Now, it might not be read out loud anymore, but people still talk about it because it helped shape what it meant to be a good citizen and a good person in Japan. It's like a little reminder to kids everywhere to be respectful, work hard, and be a good person.
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