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india's stance of war in ukraine

India is a country that is far away from Ukraine, which is another country. The leaders of India have said that they believe in something called "non-interference," which means they don't like to get involved in other countries' problems. They believe that it's not their place to tell Ukraine what to do or to take sides in the conflict there.

India also has a friendly relationship with Russia, which is another country that has been involved in the conflict in Ukraine. Russia has been supporting one side of the conflict, while other countries like the United States and many European nations have been supporting the other side. India doesn't want to take sides and risk upsetting Russia, so they have decided to stay out of the conflict altogether.

Overall, India has chosen to take a neutral stance on the war in Ukraine and not get involved. They believe it is not their place to tell other countries what to do and don't want to risk upsetting Russia with whom they have a friendly relationship.