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internet sex addiction

The internet is a magical place where you can explore and learn new things. But sometimes, people can spend too much time on the internet looking at things that are not good for them. One of those things is looking at pictures or videos of people being naked or doing things that are supposed to be private. This is called "sex addiction."

When someone spends a lot of time looking at these things, they can start to feel like they can't stop. They might feel like they need to keep looking at these pictures and videos to feel happy or relaxed. But the problem is, these things can start to take over their life. They might stop doing other things that they used to enjoy, like seeing their friends or playing outside.

Just like you have rules for things you can do and can't do, there are rules for using the internet. Parents and adults make rules so that you don't get hurt or see things that are not good for you. But sometimes adults can get addicted to things on the internet too, and they forget to follow the rules.

It's important for adults who are addicted to things on the internet to talk to someone they trust, like a doctor or a therapist. They can help them learn how to manage their addiction and find other things to do that they enjoy. It's okay to ask for help when you need it, even if you're a grown-up.