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Intersexuality is when a person is born with physical traits or characteristics that don't fit typical male or female categories.

When babies are born, doctors usually assign them a male or female sex based on what their genitals look like. But sometimes, a baby's genitals don't look fully male or fully female. This could mean they have a mix of male and female genitals, or their genitals may look different from what is typically expected for a boy or girl.

Intersex people may also have differences in hormones or chromosomes that affect their physical traits. For example, someone with an extra X chromosome might have taller stature and a higher risk for autoimmune conditions.

It's important to understand that intersex is not the same thing as being transgender. Transgender people identify as a gender that is different from what they were assigned at birth. Intersex people have physical differences that don't fit male or female categories, but they may still identify as male or female, or neither.

It's also important to know that intersex is not a disease or something that needs to be fixed. Intersex people are born this way, and it's just a natural variation in human biology. Intersex people should be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else.