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Okay kiddo, imagine you have a bunch of toys that you want to organize. You have blocks, balls, and stuffed animals. You want to put them in separate boxes so it's easier to find them later. That's kind of like what iproute2 does - it helps organize internet traffic by putting different types in separate "boxes."

Now, let's say you have some friends who want to come over and play with your toys. You don't want them all to play with the same thing at once and cause chaos, right? You might let some friends play with the blocks, while others play with the balls or stuffed animals. In internet terms, you might want certain types of traffic to go to certain devices or users.

That's where iproute2 helps out. It's a tool that tells your computer how to manage internet traffic. It can help you set rules like "send all video streaming traffic to this specific device" or "give priority to this user's internet connection over everyone else's." This helps make sure that internet traffic runs smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, iproute2 is like an organizational tool for internet traffic, helping to sort and prioritize different types of communication so everything runs smoothly.
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