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joe kubert school of cartoon and graphic art

The Joe Kubert School is a special place where people go to learn how to draw pictures that tell stories, also known as cartoons or comics. It's like a school for artists who want to become really, really good at drawing and telling stories with their art.

At the Kubert School, students learn about things like how to create characters, how to draw them in different poses and expressions, and how to make a story flow smoothly from one panel to the next. They also learn how to use special art tools like pens, pencils, and markers to make their pictures look amazing.

The school itself was created by a man named Joe Kubert, who was a famous comic book artist and writer. He wanted to pass on his expertise to the next generation of artists, so he started the school to teach people how to draw and create stories just like he did.

People who attend the Kubert School can expect to work really hard on their art, but they'll also have lots of fun and make great friends along the way. By the time they graduate, they'll have all the knowledge and skills needed to become successful cartoonists and graphic artists.