ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Okay, so let's say you have a story. It can be a book, a movie, a TV show, anything with a story in it. Usually, the story has four parts. These parts are called kishotenketsu.

The first part is called ki. In this part, we are introduced to the main characters and the setting. This is like the beginning of the story, where we find out who the story is about and where it takes place.

The second part is called sho. In this part, something happens. It could be anything, like the main character has a problem or discovers something new. This is where the story really starts to get interesting.

The third part is called ten. In this part, there is a development or twist. This means that something unexpected happens. It could be a big change that affects the main character or something that changes the course of the story.

The fourth and final part is called ketsu. In this part, everything comes together and is resolved. This is where we find out how the story ends and what happens to the main character. It ties up all the loose ends and leaves us feeling satisfied.

So, kishotenketsu is a way to tell a story in four parts. It helps to keep the story interesting and engaging, and makes sure that everything is resolved by the end.
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